Your order will go through a number of stages during it's journey with us.


Here is quick summary of the stages your sign will follow. 


 Status 🏆

What does this status mean?  🎈

Roughly how long should this stage take? ⏳ 

✂️ Acrylic Preparation
The preparation of the acrylic backing is underway! ✂️
✂️ 10 Days
🔧 Lighting Assembly
Your sign now in the Lighting Assembly workflow, and the talented team are soldering away at your sign! 🔧
🔧 10 Days
🌈 Colourification
Your sign is now in the Colourification stage, this is where the magic really happens, your neon is being brought to life! 🌈
🌈 10 Days
🕵️‍♀️ Quality Control 

Your sign is undergoing rigorous Quality Control to ensure it is 💯 perfect before you receive it! 🕵️‍♀️

🕵️‍♀️ 2-5 Days
📦 Packing

Your sign is totally unique to you, and it needs a custom box to match! Our dispatch team are hand making your bespoke box to ensure your neon travels and arrives safely with you! 📦

📦 5 Days
Ready for Dispatch 

Our Dispatch Manager will now verify your order details and will prepare your order for dispatch! ✨

✨ 1-2 Days
💌 Awaiting Courier Collection

Your order will now have a tracking number assigned to it while we wait for the courier to collect your sign; look out for a tracking number via email! 💌

💌 1-2 Days
🔔 Collected by Courier 

The courier has now collected your order and will be in the courier system! Your order should be delivered within 1-2 working days as we use the quickest service possible! Listen out for the door bell 🔔

🔔 1-2 Days


Look out for an email from help@neons.co.uk with a status update, each time your order moves along these stages.